NARA Rodent Attractant

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    Simply place NARA® Stic in unclamped beat traps to monitor rats or mice and detect activity before the rodents cause damage. This way, conveniently, impact traps can also be used for poison-free monitoring. Traps that are already installed do not have to be removed and the entire station changed, but are simply supplemented with NARA Stic. Based on the bite marks, you can identify an infestation in your trap or station and take steps to control the rodents.


    Allergen management has become a big issue in many food businesses.

    NARA® is the first allergen-free monitor designed specifically for this purpose.

    Legislation and various food standards now prohibit the use of anticoagulants for monitoring purposes. Only when rodent activity is detected may anticoagulants be used under strict restrictions.

    4 products
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