MinkPolice NB-IoT - 24/7 NB-IoT Monitoring Device for Caging and Trapping

MinkPolice NB-IoT 24/7 Monitoring Device

MinkPolice Cage 24/7 Nb-IoT Monitoring Trapping Device

Testimonial and recommendation for you: 

C. Watson is a volunteer at a predator control group currently trapping 340Ha of DOC native bush in the Kaimai Mamaku ranges close to Tauranga. They have a total of 1050 traps of various descriptions including 8 live capture cages equipped with MINKPOLICE MP10 units. 

Since deploying the MINKPOLICE units in early 2023 we have been able to trap and dispatch 12 feral cats plus numerous ferrets, stoats, possums & rats.  These catches were previously not possible due to the Animal Welfare Act regulations effectively requiring us to check live capture cages every 24hrs as the volunteer hours required would be impossible to maintain. 

The units have proven to been incredibly robust, reliable, energy efficient and with excellent reception in very marginal marginal GSM/Nb-IoT areas. The MINKPOLICE app is also extremely easy to use and the instant notifications of trap activation is a fantastic tool.

We are happy to provide individual feedback or field visits to any potential users of this device and cannot recommend it highly enough.

C. Watson

(contact details available from www.peststop.co.nz on request)


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