Answering Questions About PEST STOP™

PEST STOP is New Zealand's leading provider of non-toxic, environmentally friendly DIY pest control products for the home or small business. We are licensed Pest Control professionals and our goal is to enable home and business owners to undertake effective and affordable DIY pest control solutions in their own premises. We can also recommend professional pest control service providers in your area when required.

Behind the scenes, PEST STOP™ is managed by qualified, licensed Pest Control Applicators. Our Principals / owners are members of PMANZ (Pest Management Association of New Zealand), and alwayas apply best practice for supply of responsible domestic (DIY) pest control products.

PEST STOP™ Pest-Control and Pest-Elimination Solutions are Focused on providing High-Tech, Non-toxic and Eco-Friendly Products - to support easy and safer DIY Pest Elimination Strategies and always respecting the need to build a Safer, Greener Planet.

Some of our products by nature are 'toxic' due to chemical actives required in the elimination of some pests - particularly Rodent baits. We do however take great care to manage and limit the use of toxic pest control products as our focus is on non-toxic solutions where possible. All our products are clearly labelled and our most popular non-toxic control solutions can be found in our D2K brand product range.

Everything we sell and use at PEST STOP™ is locally and internationally tested to comply with current electrical and safety standards. Our products are sourced to ensure cutomers are buying quality goods fit for purpose. Our Nara Lures are 'Assure NZ' approved, eco-friendly and as-used by Councils, factories and commercial pest controllers throughout New Zealand. All PEST STOP and BRCNZ insect lights and electrical equipment are EESS NZ and Australian Electronic Standards approved. This is our mandatory electrical standard required for sale of all electrical goods.

PEST STOP™ help desk is serviced by qualified pest control experts and trained service staff. Contact us for advice. Call our PEST CONTROL HOTLINE: 0800 257 326 


At PEST STOP™ we want our customers to be fully happy with their purchases and pest control outcomes. We have a limited returns policy to ensure our customers have access to remediation for any courier-damaged or incorrect delivereries.

Wiew our PEST STOP™ website terms of service policy. All customers must agree to our terms of service policy prior to completing checkout - this ensures clarity around your rights of service and deilvery for goods and services purchased on the PEST STOP website.


Most New Zealand main centres can expect delivery within 72 hours following order confirmation. Rural deliveries can take a little longer. Please check your delivery confirmation advice which will be emailed to you following checkout.

Please also ensure that if you are Rural delivery that you 'check the Rural option' in the checkout process to enable correct freight to be applied as this will ensure the goods are delivered to your destination address in a timely manner.

What kind of pest is that? - how to identify?

To help with specific pest identification and treatment options - refer to the Crawling Insect Pests or Flying Insect Pests identification pages. Or check here for Rodents or Birds or Other Pests.

Some pests can be present year-round, and some pests are more active in different seasons or environments. Check our seasonal pest identifier to ensure you are equiped to eliminate pest problems before they become a big problem.

PEST STOP™ guarantee the effectiveness of products sold through our Online strore.

If you are having issues with pest control and results are not as you expected, there is often many reasons this can be happening. Sometimes pests are entering properties from well outside your control zone, other times we recommend a combination of products for effective control, capture and kill.

Some pests may be trap-wary or even desensitised to certain treatments and products. In these cases think about different approach, lures options.

Seasonal climate variations, unclean, untidy, unkempt or damp environments can optimise breeding conditions and render some treatments ineffective due to persistent breeding etc. Suggest to clean away all mess before treatments.

Incorrect pest identification is also an area where treatments can be rendered ineffective. We recommend our customers take care to identify the specific pest and problem (what is causing the issue), see if cleaning or drying out environments will help, identify the full scale (how many) and source of your pest problem, and make sure before applying the DIY solution you have a plan of approach.

Also it is not uncommon for treatments to require 'repeat applications' over several weeks or months to stamp out your problem.

If your pest problem is persistent - it may be time to contact a professional pest controller for assistance.