61 products

    61 products
    mice bait station, bait block
    Mice Bait Station
    Mice Bait Combo
    from $6.90
    5 Flavors NARA Lures with Gorilla Snap Trap Mouse
    NARA Family Lures
    NARA Non-Toxic Lure
    Brigand 20G Blocks Rat or Rodent Bait
    Brigand Rodent Control Bait Blocks
    from $69.00
    Bullet Station with Brigand Bait
    Bullet Information
    Bullet Rat Station - Pre-Baited
    from $26.50
    Rodent Snap Trap Lure Gel - 30g Syringe
    By request
    Economy Rat Station
    Economy Rat Station Only
    Monster Snap Trap, Rodent, Rat, Mice
    Monster Snap Trap, Lure, Non-toxic
    Monster Rat Snap Trap
    By request
    Monster Rat Snap Trap with Killbar
    Bullet Rat Station
    Bullet Rat Station for Bait or Rat Snap Traps
    Bullet Rat Station Only
    D-Rex rodent trap
    Trap - Rex
    NARA Fishy Bloc
    NAR Bloc Family
    NARA Non-Toxic Bloc
    Rat Zapper Trap
    Electronic Rodent Zapper
    Gorilla Rat with Meaty Lure Left and Gorilla Mice Vanilla Lure Right
    Gorilla Mouse Side
    Gorilla Mouse Trap
    Rodent Starter Kit
    Household Rodent Bait Starter Set
    Multi Key Premium, Economy and Bullet
    Multi-Functional Key
    Bullet Monster Trap Combo
    Bullet with monster trap
    Non-Toxic Monster Rat Trap Combo
    from $32.50
    D2K Snap Tab Lures
    D2K Snap Tab Lure Aniseed
    D2K Snap Tab Lure 10-PACK
    Mouse Trap Black
    Premium Rat Station Only
    from $24.50
    Premium Gorilla Combo
    from $39.00
    D2K Snap Tab Lure 4-PACK
    Mice Zapper
    Electronic Mouse Trap
    Mice Bait Station
    Mice Bait Station
    D2K - Mice Bait Station Only
    Bullet with standard Snap Trap
    Bullet Rat Station with Snap Trap
    Bullet Combo with Standard Rat Trap
    Bullet Rat Station Package
    Household Rodent Control Package
    from $119.00
    Single Mouse Station "Combo"
    Double Mice Station Combo with Snap Trap
    Double Mice Station Combo
    from $32.00
    Double Mouse Station
    Double Mouse Station Only
    Rodent Stop Pelgar 340g
    from $27.50
    Non-toxic Bullet station with gorilla trap combo
    Non-toxic rodent combo
    Non-Toxic Gorilla Rat Trap Combo
    from $29.50
    NARA Lure Spray
    NARA Lure Spray Meaty or Chocolate
    NARA Rodent Spray 0.5L - attractant
    Sponge - non-lured Camo
    from $6.90
    Mouse Bait Station Kit
    Rat station, Mice station, bait block
    DIY Package - Starter Household Rodent Control
    Vertox Rodent Bait
    Vertox Rodent Bait
    Gorilla Rat Snap Trap Transparent
    Gorilla Traps Logo
    Gorilla Rat Trap Transparent
    UV Rodent and Urine Tracker
    Rodent Tracker UV Light
    PestStop - UV Rodent Tracker Light 20cm
    By request
    Economy Rat Station with Gorilla Snap Trap
    Economy Rat Station Setup
    Economy Gorilla Combo (Non-Toxic)
    from $30.50
    Pest Trail Camera 4G
    4G Pest Trail Camera "Wide" Lens
    eMitter Beep Acoustic Detector
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