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AT PEST STOP™ we aim to provide you with the best in DIY Pest Control advice, resources, knowledge and solutions. 

No matter what level of experience you have at dealing with Pests, be it Ants, Flies, Rodents, Cockroaches or Wild Pests … PEST STOP™ have a DIY product or solution for you.

For specific pest advice see our blogs and articles below or check PEST STOP™ A-Z pest identifier to find a targeted control solution –  or browse the full shop to see our range. Thanks for shopping PEST STOP™ - the Place You Shop to Stop Pests!

PEST STOP™ is run by licensed Pest Control technicians. Contact us direct if you have any Pest Problems that may need professional assistance. 

Identifying your pest problem:

There are many clues to pest infestation issues with some being obvious – and other times may not be so obvious – until the issue becomes big. Early identification of your pest problem is a key component to avoid damage and eliminate problems get too big. More about pests.

Visually we can try to see what is the issue. If it’s an insect pest - often
you see tell-tale signs such as insect larvae, cocoons, bodies, insect dust or excrement, blood spots or eggs or you may see the full insect itself sitting somewhere, or you may see some form of damage to clothes, shelves, books or paper or to food products etc.  So what is it?

So if you see some form of ‘damage’ then the damage can be categorised by the insect to identify the cause.

For example, if it’s a borer then you will see multiple small 1mm round holes in wooden furniture and fittings, and borer dust from the holes settling on surfaces under the holes to indicate activity.

If its Rats you may hear scratching in wall cavities or ceilings or identify rat (or mice) droppings where they are gathering.

Pantry moths are evident when they leave webs and larvae in open cereals and target foods – or when you see they moths flying around.

Other insects and pests are obvious and effective identification and treatments are available for most situations.

Once you know what you have identified as an insect or animal pest then you will want to look into why are these pests even there?, is it humidity, dampness (slaters, silverfish), rubbish and food scraps (roaches, ants, birds and rodents), exposed untreated wood (borer, termites), open packets of grains or flour in the pantry (pantry moths), or woollens hanging too long in a cupboard (clothes moths) and other issues such as bed bugs hitching a ride in your luggage from a recent holiday or garden insects crawling in from overgrown vegetation by your window etc.,,… or Birds and Rodents looking for new accommodation - all types of environments will attract different pests.

Protected areas and gaps in roofing can be attractive nesting for all kinds of birds and any areas that are not clean can attract and harbour mice, roaches, rats and other vermin. 

Unclean environments can create ideal conditions for invading pests such
as cockroaches and Rodents. Worse – unclean environments that are dirty or fatty will make baits and sprays less effective due to the absorption of pest control actives by fats, dirt and dust.

At PEST STOP we always recommend to make sure the environment is well cleaned before applying gels and sprays, baits or traps as these contact solutions are always much more effective when applied on a clean surface.

Once you have 'indentified' what is the problem pest, then it's time to consider “what is the best approach” to eliminate the pests from your home or business environment.  

The approach here is firstly consider a DIY solution, suitable for how large the infestation is, and ensure your treatment is adequate to fully eliminate all of the problem. It is generally agreed that if you see a few ants – there is also a large colony within marching distance – which can even be a neighbouring property. 

Repeat treatments may be required with consistent pests to eliminate
fully.  Keep in mind the time of year or season – as some pests may be dormant (in egg stage or in pupae stage) through certain times of the year - and therefore always check when is the best time to apply pest control products and solutions as timing is important for some species.

Once treatment is complete it is a good idea to regularly check if the
treatment has worked and fixed the problem. PEST STOP have a range of indicator traps to check pest numbers  and problem areas both before you start treatment and after you have concluded.

Possibly you have tried to eliminate pests but they are getting on top
of your efforts. You may have already identified underlying issues (why are the pests present?), eliminated obvious breeding places, stopped or blocked access to breeding zones and checked outside and neighbouring properties for sources of infestation. If all this is failing your best DIY pest control efforts, you may wish to contact a Professional pest controller.

For large or persistent pest infestations, PEST STOP can help you connect with a Professional Pest Controller in your area. Tell us about your issues and ask for a recommendation.

PEST STOP™ Quality Assurance.

Everything we sell and use at PEST STOP™ is locally and internationally tested. All products are produced to relevant electrical and safety standards. Our Lures are Assure NZ approved, as used by Councils, factories and commercial pest controllers throughout New Zealand.

All PEST STOP™ and BRCNZ insect lights are EESS NZ and Australian Electronic standards approved – which is the mandatory electrical standard required by Law.   

PEST STOP™ believe that quality products achieve quality results, and provide users with robust and longer lasting solutions. It is our goal to provide the best in DIY and commercial solutions at all times for our valued customers.

We trust your DIY pest control experience is always super-satisfactory and welcome your ongoing referral of PEST STOP™ products and services. Also suggest to please open a customer account to speed up the check-out process anytime you need to revisit and SHOP PEST STOP™.


PEST STOP™ is a leader at providing non-toxic, environmentally friendly and hi-tech pest control solutions in New Zealand. Our goal is to enable home and business owners with effective pest control products and solutions for DIY use. 

PEST STOP™ is managed by qualified and licenced Pest Control applicators. We constantly monitor for up to date and compliant pest control solutions that we can share with our valued customers.

Our Principals / Owners are Trained Pest Control Technicians, and members of pmanz (Pest Management Association of New Zealand).

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