Shock Tape Bird Control

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    Proven Effectiveness!Ā 

    Winning Esthetics!

    Transparent adhesive tape, 1.57" Ā wide, durable under all weather conditions, in which thin and flat aluminum wires are embedded. The tape is easily attached and is extremely flexible. It is connected to a power charger which can be connected to a regular electric socket.

    Shock-tapeĀ is supplied with 33'Ā  roll, and can be attached to nearly any type of surface, such as: shingles, iron, steel, aluminum, PVC, wood, plastic, marble, stone etc.

    TheĀ shock-tape systemĀ constitutes a clear and tangible revolution in bird repellence:Ā the results are evident on the ground, the media is supportive, and customers realize that this advanced technology gets results!

    DIY or via our licensedĀ BirdZone installers!

    4 products
    Shocktape Starter Set
    Shock Tapeā„¢ Bird Repel - 10m Kit
    ShockTape Roll Wire
    ShockTape Adhesive Tape
    Shock Tapeā„¢ Adhesive extension pack - bird repel
    from $169.00
    Shock Tapeā„¢ Lead Wire
    Shock Tapeā„¢ Digital Tester
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