7 products

    7 products
    Non-Toxic Diatomaceous Earth Powder Spray
    D2K Powder Spray Diatomaceous Earth
    Non-Toxic Bed Bug and Insect Pest Control Powder Spray (DE) 500ml
    from $18.50
    D2K Ant/Cockroach Gel Bait Station ONLY
    Diatomaceous Earth Powder DE 0.5kg
    MAC Slay Cockroach Bait 30g
    Cockroach & Crawling Insect Insecticide
    MAC Slay MAX Cockroach & Crawling Insect Insecticide 500ml
    from $27.90
    Cockroach Monitor with Pheromone
    Cockroach Monitor with Pheromone 2pc
    Lured Cockroach Monitor Trap
    from $10.50
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    Green Hero Non Toxic Frost Spray 100% Non-Toxic
    Bed Bug Frost Spray
    Green Hero Frost Spray 0.5L
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