D2K Non-Toxic Pest Control is New Zealand's proven range of eco-friendly Live Trapping, Pest Expulsion and Pest Extermination Solutions.

D2K Non-toxic Pest Control Solutions are designed to protect your home, bach, camper, garage, garden, office and commercial premises with a proven range of environmental friendly DIY pest management and control solutions. These pest control solutions include live traps, pest management and exclusion technologies and non-toxic products for pest extermination. Browse our popular and proven D2K DIY Pest Control products below.

Non-Toxic Diatomaceous Earth Powder Spray
D2K Powder Spray Diatomaceous Earth
Non-Toxic Bed Bug and Insect Pest Control Powder Spray (DE) 500ml
from $18.50
Clear window fly trap
Fly and Insect Window Trap Clear
Clear Window Fly Trap
from $9.50
Clothes Moth Traps with Pheromone
Clothes Moth Trap with Trapped Moth
Moth Trap Clothes Protector
from $9.50
Cockroach Monitor with Pheromone
Cockroach Monitor with Pheromone 2pc
Lured Cockroach Monitor Trap
from $10.50
Pantry Moth Trap with Pheromone
Pantry Moth Trap with trapped Moth
Moth Trap Pantry Protector
from $9.50
Mouse Trap Black
Monster Snap Trap, Rodent, Rat, Mice
Monster Snap Trap, Lure, Non-toxic
Monster Rat Snap Trap
Multi Key Premium, Economy and Bullet
Multi-Functional Key
Rodent Snap Trap Lure Gel - 30g Syringe
D2K Snap Tab Lure 4-PACK
Double Mice Station Combo with Snap Trap
Double Mice Station Combo
from $32.00
Bullet Monster Trap Combo
Bullet with monster trap
Non-Toxic Monster Rat Trap Combo
from $32.50
Single Mouse Station "Combo"
Outdoor Fly Bag Trap with Lure
Outdoor Fly Bag Trap with Lure
Outdoor Fly Trap Bag
from $10.50
Wasp Trap Bag with Lure
Wasp Trap Bag with Lure
Outdoor Wasp Trap Bag
from $9.90


Yes - there are many non toxic solutions for effective pest control - these include Monitor Traps, Live Traps, Snap Traps (Mice and rats), Fly Capture bags, Wasp bags etc etc. Non toxic pest control also extends to our range of UV zappers and glue boards and more - search PEST STOP™ for Non-Toxic to find the best solution for your needs.

Designed-2Kill (D2K) products are non-toxic and environmental friendly pest control solutions. However we want to be absolutely clear these products are designed to be highly effective targeted pest control solutions - trialled and proven throughout New Zealand indoors and outdoors.