Crazy Kiwi Bug invasion - flies, flies, flies

To be fair – we are not talking about crazy-Kiwis – we are talking about the ‘crazy effect’ of a long period of unseasonably wet weather followed by warm sunny days making the ideal breeding environment for 'crazy huge numbers' of flies and mozzies and midges and other buzzing, biting flying bugs in NZ homes and farms.

And these bugs want to come into our homes, seeking shelter from the sun and wind and also to dine-out on exposed foods, and bodies and generally run amuck on our bench-tops, appliances, wall spaces, ceilings - basically just poop and congregate where they are simply not welcome.

Flies, flies, flies. These are our biggest summer annoyance and arrive in range of shapes, sizes and annoyance factors. Blow flies, House flies, and Cluster flies all bring their own challenges for home owners (and business owners) and with the perfect storm of wet, humid then dry warm weather and fast life cycles of only days or hours, these bothersome buzzing pests have a perfect pathway for breeding and making themselves seen, heard and cursed-at; I’m sure we’ve all heard the colourful colloquialism “bloody flies” aargh.

Are you ready to meet these black buzzing masses with the appropriate response? Do you have a plan to stop those bloody flies in their tracks? For tips on how to maintain a fly free environment and how to identify your fly problems, read our previous blog “Stop the Buzz”– or visit this link to find an effective fly control solution for your space.

At PEST STOP™ you’ll find all manner of Fly Trap and Fly Control solutions from Window Strip Fly Traps, to Spiral Fly Traps, Fly Bag Traps, UV Insect and Fly Zappers and UV Insect Glue Traps. PEST STOP™ have everything you need to maintain a fly-free (and mozzie-free) environment for the summer – indoors and out. Be ready to stop dirty flies and annoying mozzies in their tracks before they spoil your summer, your food and your comfort - or 'worse' before they create real health issues for your family, friends or staff.