Ants – STOP the March

Ants come in a variety of species and require a range of treatments due to their differing preferences for nesting and differing tastes for either sugar or carbohydrate based proteins (sugar or fats). There is a wide range of ant species in New Zealand that create all kinds of problems for home owners and business alike. Ants can ruin foods by contamination (ant bodies) or even destroy paving’s (by nesting and removing base sand rendering the surface uneven) or Ants will soil wall coverings and furnishings with nesting, eggs and discarded excrement’s and bodies. Obvious signs include the obvious ant feeding frenzies and trails leading to food sources and ant droppings / nest sweepings / discarded bodies accumulating near or below nest entrances.  Ants can certainly be a persistent and destructive problem in the home – however the good news is there are a range of DIY Ant treatments available for homes and small business that you can use to get on top of your ant problem.

Ant species in New Zealand include White Ants, American Ants, Red Ants, Argentine Ants – and most common is White Footed or Black Ants.

Generally Black Ants are easier to manage but these often need to be treated all year round or at least seasonally for as long as you have them – especially over summer when they are more active.

Ant treatment products include ant gels for grid baiting where a set amount of gels are applied per square meter to provide very effective elimination and ongoing control.

Maintaining tidy and clean environments is also a good strategy to keep ants away. Ant treatments include strategic application of baits in their walkways and access points. Knowing how and where to place ant bait is important for effective elimination. Treatments can be applied as a gel bait from an applicator tube syringe – to be strategically dotted throughout the infestation area and ant trail zones or applied inside bait stations to protect the gel attractant from weather and keep pets and kids safe.