Identifying your pest problem.

How or when do you notice that you have a PEST PROBLEM?

There are many clues to pest infestation issues with some being obvious – and other times may not be so obvious. Visually we can look closely to see what the issue is.

If it’s an insect pest - often you see tell-tale signs such as insect larvae, cocoons, bodies, insect dust or excrement, blood spots or eggs or you may see the full insect itself sitting somewhere, or you may see some form of damage to clothes, shelves, books or paper or to food products etc.  If it is a Rodent or Wild pest – we may see other types of damage and droppings.  So what is it?

Looking for tell-tale signs of pests.

If you see some form of ‘damage’ then the damage can be categorised by the insect or animal pest to identify the cause. For example, if it’s a borer then you will see multiple small 1mm round holes in wooden furniture and fittings, and borer dust from the holes settling on surfaces under the holes to indicate activity. If its rats you may hear scratching in wall cavities or ceilings or identify rat (or mice) droppings where they are gathering. Pantry moths are evident when they leave webs and larvae in open cereals and target foods – or when you see they moths flying around. Other insects and pest damage or tell-tale signs are usually easy to spot. PEST STOP™ can help you to identify the problem pest – then finding effective treatment becomes easier for most situations.