Keeping uninvited dinner pests at bay.

Hospitality settings are often a huge draw-card for unwanted pest infestations. Any issues and complaints can quickly make national news, posing a threat to health, safety, income and reputations. Health and safety ‘officials’ urge business owners to apply a stronger focus on cleanliness and active monitoring for pests as a priority throughout their premises. 

Pest control industry experts Alpeco and PEST STOP Group agree. The most important step business owners can take is to implement an integrated pest awareness and management program. Ideally this will include ‘automated’ pest management systems and a routine of regular cleaning of all equipment and service zones – including storage and outdoor spaces.

We see a lot of situations where hygiene and cleaning is the main reason restaurants have issues. It is important that everyone understands what it takes in the industry to up-hold the standards required to reach an ‘A’ level food service rating, where a clean working and service environment is definitely one of the best tools in the battle to deter pests.

24-hour automated pest monitoring and trap management is the best way to ensure regular and reliable control of all pest frequented areas,  where all control areas can be managed from one remote or mobile device – saving time and expense checking and resetting traps, zappers and monitors. Automation brings convenience, certainty and cost savings around problem pest areas and management, both indoors and in forested areas.

There are several types of pests that can quickly become a hazardous nightmare for business owners including rats, mice, roaches, borer, bed bugs, birds and more. And the BIG issue for most restaurants and cafe’s is the ‘undetected pests’ that have found an egress and are hiding in neglected areas. Pest infestations pose a serious threat to restaurants and cafes; including food poisoning and allergic reactions and the risk legal repercussions and business closure. Pests can spread nasty diseases as well, through their feet, fur, droppings, urine and saliva – threatening safety and health of staff and customers.

Identifying and sealing entry points is considered one of the best first responses to eliminating pests and deal with any ongoing problems. In addition, businesses are encouraged to exercise a range of precautions, including use of suitable sealed-waste management systems, eliminate hiding and breeding points with regular outdoor maintenance and employee training to manage pest infiltration situations efficiently. 

A comprehensive, hi-tech, automated monitoring and control approach is ideal for serious business owners to ensure that ‘no pest outbreak goes unnoticed’ and therefore no unexpected issues that will put the establishment in jeopardy.