Non-toxic Pest Control – how is this possible?

New Zealand is seeing an increasingly popular trend away from chemicals in homes and business and the environment.

The preference for less chemicals in our environment is often driven by consumers - wanting to move away from use of toxic pesticides in homes, business and the environment. So when it comes to pest management, the solution is find alternative fully green and environmentally friendly pest control ingredients, technology and solutions. Fully eco friendly, but at the same time delivering a high-quality range of DIY products that can deliver reliable pest control outcomes.

This is where D2K non-toxic pest control products provide viable eco-friendly pest control solutions for a wide range of common pests - bed bugs, fleas, crawling insects, flying insects and many common wild and rodent pests.

Eco friendly pest control solutions can include live traps (for feral and wild pests) mice and rat trap stations using the very latest scented lures, trap automation and technology. Nara™ rodent lures which last up to three months have advantages to include different scents for fussy pests, lures do not mould or rot like food attractants, and can be easily exchanged to trial different attractants. Attractants are designed to allow targeting of rodents that have established a dietary preference on location. 

For around the home - D2K™ make a spray-on non-toxic insect control powder based upon food-grade Amorphous Silica (DE). This is an effective way of eliminating small insects and preventing insects returning without resorting to conventional residual pesticides. While D2K™ DE spray is completely harmless to larger animals and humans, even if swallowed, it is lethal to insects, as upon contact it causes their waxy natural coating to dissolve, leaving the bug to dehydrate and ultimately perish.

D2K™ have always recognised and supported the requirement for alternative (non-toxic) pest control solutions in New Zealand. Their range of non-toxic solutions is ideal for environmentally friendly pest control.

Check out the D2K non-toxic pest control range here.