Real-time, remote management of multi-location pest traps

Automated Pest Control Technology, Monitoring, Trapping, Kill Activation is single-point, multi-trap management across any wide-ranging indoor and outdoor environments.

Automation and remote management of pest traps is perfect for forest parks where large scale multi-trap locations need to be monitored for activity, identifications,  capture and kills. Manufacturing and food service industries also welcome this innovative technology where pestilence activity needs to be managed in ‘real-time’.  Mink Police™, Trap Sensor™, Auro-Trap™, Gorilla™ and Nattaro™ Pest Monitoring and Eradication Technology all provide systems to suit specific pests and situations. All comply with current environmental protection and humane eradication standards and avoid capture of non-target species. Know what you're dealing with with PEST TECH's stealthy systems which enhance identification, trapping, eradication and capture counting at multi-locations across variable-traps in real time.

PEST-TECH pest control technology includes these proven performers:

  • AuroTrap from Aurocon rodent multi-kill, auto set technology 
  • HeatMeâ„¢ Thermal Bed Bug and Wood-boring Insects elimination.
  • TubeTrap from Futura/eMitter – trap, ID, Eliminate or re-home.
  • BRCNZ– UV LED ‘bulbs & tube lights’. Retrofittable, long-life, targeted options.
  • MinkPolice & TrapSensor – ID, Trap, Eliminate and remotely manage traps across wide environments – IP 65 all-weather tech.
  • NATTAROâ„¢ - super effective, new-tech Bed Bug monitor traps.