Whats in a name? - Designed-2-Kill - non-toxic pest control.

While most of us enjoy¬†our warmer summer weather, it‚Äôs a certain bet that many insect and rodent pests also thrive within the summer season. ¬†So a ‚Äėvigilante‚Äô approach is often recommended to keep one-step-ahead of¬†any 'unwelcome'¬† irritating, biting, stinging, buzzing, gnawing, destructive bugs, rodents or wild pests.

With many households looking to avoid use of toxic pesticides ‚Äď where does that leave eco-friendly consumers plagued by pests?

By design there are plenty of high performing non-toxic pest control solutions available to New Zealand homes to provide effective eco-friendly pest control where environmental ideals are requiring more non-toxic pest control options.

When an eco-friendly non-toxic pest control is 'Designed to Kill'?

D2K is ‚ÄúDesigned-2-Kill‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†It is a promise of effective non-toxic pest control¬†and also by nature of being eco friendly includes a range of effective live trap solutions - for pest identification and relocation. D2K¬†are¬†in any event effective, easy, safe, DIY solutions available for all households¬†and commercial premises.

So summer is here, then autumn, winter and of course spring - so it's goof to know D2K provide pest management and elimination solutions for all seasons, with a clear environmentally focussed conscience. 


Your¬†first step to dealing with pests is to firstly identify the pest and what is attracting them, or where re they hiding and sheltering. Clean up any areas where pests congregate, remove their food sources and shelter, and employ regular maintenance¬†(block entry points)¬†to prevent pest¬†egress into homes and living spaces. ¬†D2K‚ĄĘ non toxic pest control solutions can then be employed to capture, control and eliminate persistent unwanted pests.