eMitter TubeTrap 24/7 Nb-IoT - Monitoring and Trapping Technology in Style

The eMitter TubeTrap 24/7 Monitoring Trapping Technology 

All rodent species, indoors and outdoors The TubeTrap catches mice and rats safely and humanely, indoors and outdoors. No false alarms caused by vibrations or collisions and the TubeTrap naturally distinguishes between "rodent caught" and "empty catch" by sensor control.


  • Our software and¬†hardware are developed and produced in Germany
  • Rechargeable¬†batteries last up to 3¬†years
  • NB-IoT and Cat-M for¬†signal transmission¬†through solid walls
  • Catch or no catch detection¬†+ motion detection
  • Long battery life & Modern technology
  • Made in Germany

Humane - Effective - Hygienic
Safe and humane trapping for mice and rats
Indoors and Outdoors (EPP Outdoor box works with eMitter Direct and more)

"Hygiene wall separation" for hygienic cleaning and removal of rodents without having to touch space near the carcass.

Traps automatically share their locations
Even on the largest production lines you stay on top of your pest control and thanks to our heatmap you can see directly where rodents are caught for IPM actions.

API for data integration into leading softwares
For over 10 years we have worked with leading pest control software companies such as PestScan, Hygitec, Nector and others. Likewise, we can work directly with your systems and interface with your IT effortlessly.

Everything at a glance

  • Statistics and pictures of the catches
  • Battery capacity in %, network coverage in %
  • Easy management of thousands of traps
  • User administration (customer, PCO etc.)

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