D2K - non toxic pest control

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    Non-Toxic "DIY" Pest Control Solutions for Rodents, Insects, Bugs, Birds and many other Pests.

    15 products
    Non-Toxic Diatomaceous Earth Powder Spray
    D2K Powder Spray Diatomaceous Earth
    Non-Toxic Bed Bug and Insect Pest Control Powder Spray (DE) 500ml
    from $18.50
    Clear window fly trap
    Fly and Insect Window Trap Clear
    Clear Window Fly Trap
    from $9.50
    Clothes Moth Traps with Pheromone
    Clothes Moth Trap with Trapped Moth
    Moth Trap Clothes Protector
    from $9.50
    Cockroach Monitor with Pheromone
    Cockroach Monitor with Pheromone 2pc
    Lured Cockroach Monitor Trap
    from $10.50
    Pantry Moth Trap with Pheromone
    Pantry Moth Trap with trapped Moth
    Moth Trap Pantry Protector
    from $9.50
    Mouse Trap Black
    Monster Snap Trap, Rodent, Rat, Mice
    Monster Snap Trap, Lure, Non-toxic
    Monster Rat Snap Trap
    Multi Key Premium, Economy and Bullet
    Multi-Functional Key
    Rodent Snap Trap Lure Gel - 30g Syringe
    D2K Snap Tab Lure 4-PACK
    Double Mice Station Combo with Snap Trap
    Double Mice Station Combo
    from $32.00
    Bullet Monster Trap Combo
    Bullet with monster trap
    Non-Toxic Monster Rat Trap Combo
    from $32.50
    Single Mouse Station "Combo"
    Outdoor Fly Bag Trap with Lure
    Outdoor Fly Bag Trap with Lure
    Outdoor Fly Trap Bag
    from $10.50
    Wasp Trap Bag with Lure
    Wasp Trap Bag with Lure
    Outdoor Wasp Trap Bag
    from $9.90
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