GORILLA TRAPS - One of the Strongest Traps

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    Super Strength, Easy-set Rat and Mice traps.

    The Gorilla Rat Trap is a durable sprung loaded break-back trap designed to provide a fast, clean kill. These traps are set from behind to protect the operator's fingers. These rat traps have three sensitivity settings so smaller creatures (i.e. Field Mice) won't activate the trap.

    Commercial and Domestic Premium Quality Components. Can be combined with NARA and eMitter 24/7 Monitoring systems


    7 products
    Gorilla Rat Snap Trap
    Gorilla Rat with NARA Vanilla Lure
    Gorilla Rat Trap Brown
    Gorilla Rat with Meaty Lure Left and Gorilla Mice Vanilla Lure Right
    Gorilla Mouse Side
    Gorilla Mouse Trap
    By request
    Gorilla Rat Trap with Killbar
    Premium Gorilla Combo
    from $39.00
    Non-toxic Bullet station with gorilla trap combo
    Non-toxic rodent combo
    Non-Toxic Gorilla Rat Trap Combo
    from $29.50
    Gorilla Rat Snap Trap Transparent
    Gorilla Traps Logo
    Gorilla Rat Trap Transparent
    Economy Rat Station with Gorilla Snap Trap
    Economy Rat Station Setup
    Economy Gorilla Combo (Non-Toxic)
    from $30.50
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