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    Monster a "Monster" under the rodent traps. This trap is powerful and very humane as it kills and dose not allow to pull back due to the strength and teeth.
    This trap is made for larger rodents like Norwegian Rat.

    • The Teeth Killbar will double the power and makes sure that any target is humanely killed.
    • Monster Teeth (a world’s first)
    • Strongest springs available and well balanced
    • Fastest kill with power bar
    • High quality plastic, does not break as with other products
    • High quality stainless steel, will not rust, will not break
    • Bait socket especially made for NARA® or D2K Lures and Liquid
    • 24/7 monitoring Trapsensor/Minkpolice available
    • Fits into all D2K or common rodent stations

    Optional 24/7 Remote Rat or Mice Trap NB-IoT Sensor monitoring technology.

    5 products
    Monster Snap Trap, Rodent, Rat, Mice
    Monster Snap Trap, Lure, Non-toxic
    Monster Rat Snap Trap
    By request
    Monster Rat Snap Trap with Killbar
    Bullet Monster Trap Combo
    Bullet with monster trap
    Non-Toxic Monster Rat Trap Combo
    from $32.50
    Premium Monster Combo
    from $37.00
    Economy Rat Station Non-Toxic
    Economy Rodent Station, Rats, Mice
    Economy Monster Combo (Non-Toxic)
    from $29.50
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