62 products

    62 products
    Bed Bug Combo Pack
    Bed Bug 'DIY' Combo Elimination Package
    from $209.00
    Buglock: Mattress & Pillow Protector - Double
    Buglock: Mattress & Pillow Protector - Extra Long Single
    Buglock: Mattress & Pillow Protector - King Single
    Buglock: Mattress & Pillow Protector - NZ King
    Buglock: Mattress & Pillow Protector - Queen
    Buglock: Mattress & Pillow Protector - Single
    Buglock: Mattress & Pillow Protector - Super King
    Bullet with standard Snap Trap
    Bullet Rat Station with Snap Trap
    Bullet Combo with Standard Rat Trap
    Bullet Rat Station
    Bullet Rat Station for Bait or Rat Snap Traps
    Bullet Rat Station Only
    Clear window fly trap
    Fly and Insect Window Trap Clear
    Clear Window Fly Trap
    from $9.50
    Mice Bait Station
    Mice Bait Station
    D2K - Mice Bait Station Only
    D2K - Ready Mouse Tunnel "COMBO"
    from $14.50
    D2K Bait Station for Ant / Cockroach Gel
    D2K Snap Tab Lures
    D2K Snap Tab Lure Aniseed
    D2K Snap Tab Lure 10-PACK
    D2K Snap Tab Lure 4-PACK
    Diatomaceous Earth Powder DE 0.5kg
    Diatomaceous Earth Powder DE 22.5kg
    Double Mice Station Combo with Snap Trap
    Double Mice Station Combo
    from $32.00
    Double Mouse Station
    Double Mouse Station Only
    Economy Rat Station with Gorilla Snap Trap
    Economy Rat Station Setup
    Economy Gorilla Combo (Non-Toxic)
    from $30.50
    Economy Rat Station Non-Toxic
    Economy Rodent Station, Rats, Mice
    Economy Monster Combo (Non-Toxic)
    from $29.50
    Economy Rat Station
    Economy Rat Station Only
    Mice Zapper
    Electronic Mouse Trap
    Rat Zapper Trap
    Electronic Rodent Zapper
    EPP Double Mice Snap Trap and Station
    Silvalure Fly Sheet
    Silvalure Fly Sticky Sheet Trap
    Fly Control Cattle Sheet - 8 Pack
    Silvalure Fly Trap Sheet Small
    Silvalure Fly Trap Sleeve Small
    Fly Control Cattle Sleeve - 6 Pack
    By request
    Silvalure Fly Trap And Control Roller Small
    Silvalure Fly Control Roller Sticky Trap
    Fly Control Roller - 6m
    By request
    Silvalure Roller XL Fly Control and Trap
    Fly Control Roller XL - 9m
    Silvalure Fly String Trap
    Fly Control String Starter Set 500m
    Front Approach Rat Snap Trap Station
    Front Approach Rat Snap Trap Station with Monster Snap Rat Trap
    Front Approach Station
    from $12.50
    Cat Possum Life Cage
    Life Catch Cage Trap
    Live Capture Cage for Mustelids, Possums & Wild Cats.
    Cockroach Monitor with Pheromone
    Cockroach Monitor with Pheromone 2pc
    Lured Cockroach Monitor Trap
    from $10.50
    MinkPolice/TrapSensor DATA PACKAGE
    from $33.00
    Monster Snap Trap, Rodent, Rat, Mice
    Monster Snap Trap, Lure, Non-toxic
    Monster Rat Snap Trap
    By request
    Monster Rat Snap Trap with Killbar
    Clothes Moth Traps with Pheromone
    Clothes Moth Trap with Trapped Moth
    Moth Trap Clothes Protector
    from $9.50
    Pantry Moth Trap with Pheromone
    Pantry Moth Trap with trapped Moth
    Moth Trap Pantry Food Protector
    from $9.50
    Mouse Trap Black
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