Winter Pests

20 products

    20 products
    By request
    Monster Rat Snap Trap with Killbar
    Economy Rat Station
    Economy Rat Station Only
    Gorilla Rat with Meaty Lure Left and Gorilla Mice Vanilla Lure Right
    Gorilla Mouse Side
    Gorilla Mouse Trap
    Bullet Station with Monster Rat Trap and Lure
    Bullet Station Combo
    Non-Toxic Monster Rat Trap Combo
    from $32.50
    By request
    Gorilla Rat Trap with Killbar
    Bullet with standard Snap Trap
    Bullet Rat Station with Snap Trap
    Bullet Combo with Standard Rat Trap
    Mouse Trap Black
    Double Mouse Station
    Double Mouse Station Only
    Sponge - non-lured Camo
    from $6.90
    UV Rodent and Urine Tracker
    Rodent Tracker UV Light
    PestStop -UV Rodent Tracker Light
    By request
    TrapSensor Nb-IoT
    Trapsensor Annual Fee per Unit
    from $33.00
    MinkPolice Data Packages
    Data Minkpolice
    MinkPolice Annual Fee per Unit
    from $33.00
    D2K - Ready Mouse Tunnel "COMBO"
    from $14.50
    Wall Bracket only for Pest Cams & Solar Charger
    NARA Vanilla Lure Liquid
    NARA Liquide Lure
    NARA Non-Toxic Liquid Rodent Attractant - 100pc
    EPP Double Mice Snap Trap and Station
    EPP Double Mice Station Only
    Premium Monster Combo
    from $37.00
    Economy Rat Station Non-Toxic
    Economy Rodent Station, Rats, Mice
    Economy Monster Combo (Non-Toxic)
    from $29.50
    Economy Rat Station with Gorilla Snap Trap
    Economy Rat Station Setup
    Economy Gorilla Combo (Non-Toxic)
    from $30.50
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