BirdZone Scare Balloon - 3 Pack

BirdZone Scare Balloon - 3 Pack
Installation of BirdZone Netting and BirdZone Ball
BirdZOne Defence Ball Yellow
BirdZone Defennce Ball
BirdZone Defence Ball
BirdZone Defenec Balls

BirdZone Scare Balloon - 3 Pack

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BirdZone Bird Scare Balloon - 3 Pack

BirdZone Bird Scare Balloons keep birds away with simple blowup vinyl ball visual deterrents that move with the wind and intimidate pest birds within visible range.

A BirdZone set includes a yellow, white, and black balloon. Simple to use, cost-effective solution and can be installed anywhere. Includes strings, mylar eyes, and mylar tails for each BirdZone balloon.


  • 3x 3D visual scare balloons
  • Moves in the wind, increasing effects
  • Bright colors mimic natural predators
  • Simple, effective and easy to install

With special markings that exaggerate the glaring star and gaping mouth of natural predators, no birds will stick around when this is in the air! 

Wind causes the inflatable BirdZone balloons to move in the wind, increasing efficacy. 

Holographic material creates the illusion that the eyes are following pest birds. The balloons are made of weatherproof vinyl and are extremely easy to inflate and install or hang.

Effective wherever visible, even in large areas and of open space!

Installation of BirdZone Netting and BirdZone Ball
BirdZone Scare Balloon - 3 Pack
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