Brigand Rodent Control Bait Blocks

Brigand 20G Blocks Rat or Rodent Bait
Brigand Rodent Control Bait Blocks
Brigand Rodent Bait 8Kg
Brigand Rodent Bait 12Kg
Brigand Rodent Control Bait Blocks

Brigand Rodent Control Bait Blocks

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BRIGAND™ Rodent Control Bait Blocks

BRIGAND™ is a ready-to-use Rodent bait in the form of a weather resistant wax block. The baits have pre drilled hole for easy set-up. Many pest controllers use this product along with all industry, commercial, farming and fruit growing enterprises.

BRIGAND™ is highly-toxic to non-target species – so we highly-recommend when using this product to 'use in conjunction with D2K bait stations' to avoid potential for non-target access, contamination and poisoning of pets, animals, birds and children.

After use - ensure to collect all dead rodents from the environment and dispose either in wrapped / sealed rubbish receptacles or bury in garden. We recommend to always use a locked bait station for dispensing rat and mice baits. Keep pets and children away from baited areas. 

We always recommend that you read the label before opening or using BRIGAND™ bait blocks. Follow Safety directions and application rates as per label recommendations.

BRIGAND™ baits are available in 2kg, 8kg and 12kg buckets. Also supplied with some of our PEST STOP™ Combo bait and rodent station deals.

PEST STOP™ can assist you with bait control programs - contact us on 07 2131317 if you require assistance in planning a RODENT bait program.

- Brigand Rodent Bait 2kg = 100 x 20gm blocks.
- Brigand Rodent Bait 8kg = 400 x 20gm blocks.
- Brigand Rodent Bait 12kg = 600 x 20gm blocks.

BRIGAND™  BAIT BLOCKS - Active ingredient: Brodifacoum @ 0.05g/kg (50ppm) 

Brigand MSDS Sheet Download - Here 

Effective for all domestic and commercial applications.

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