Shock Tapeā„¢ Bird Repel - 10m Kit

Shocktape Starter Set
Shock Tapeā„¢ Bird Repel - 10m Kit
ShockTape installation in New Zealand
ShockTape Setup
ShockTape Setup
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Shock Tapeā„¢ Bird Repel - 10m Kit

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Shock Tapeā„¢ Kit

Transparent adhesive tape, 4.0 cm wide, durable under all weather conditions, in which thin and flat aluminium wires are embedded. The tape is easily attached and is extremely flexible. It is connected to a power charger which can be connected to a regular electric socket.

The Shock Tapeā„¢ system works on the same principles as an electric controller fence with a weak current that doesnā€™t harm pigeons and other birds. When the pigeon stands on the ribbons, it gets an unpleasant pinch. As a result, the pigeon flies away and does not return.Ā Regular observationsĀ demonstrates that other birds also do not approach the places where the Shock Tapeā„¢ systemĀ is installed.

Shock Tape is supplied in 10 meter rolls and can be attached to nearly any type of surface, such as: shingles, iron, steel, aluminium, PVC, wood, plastic, marble, stone etc.

The Shock Tapeā„¢ system constitutes a clear and tangible revolution in non-toxic bird repellant systems: the results are evident andĀ usersĀ note that this advanced technology gets results! Keep pigeons and other birds away - protect your valued assets and property.

The Shock Tapeā„¢ 10m Kit:

  • 10m of Shock Tapeā„¢
  • 12V Charger (110V/220V charger on request)
  • 8m of Lead in Wire
  • Pack of 10x Connectors
  • 1x Digital Shock Tester
  • Installation Guide
  • Warning Signs

Click here for:

Installation Guide

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