DIY Package - Starter Household Rodent Control

Rat station, Mice station, bait block
DIY Package - Starter Household Rodent Control
Bullet Bait Station, Rat Station
Mice bait Station
DIY Package - Starter Household Rodent Control
Mice bait station, bait block
DIY Package - Starter Household Rodent Control
Bullet Rat Station, Rat Bait Station

DIY Package - Starter Household Rodent Control

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D2K Bullet Rat and Mice Bait Stations are the perfect weatherproof rat and mice bait box set-ups.  Compact and strong. Ideal for both outdoor locations (against walls, fences, garages etc) as well as for internal use (under house, in attic, in service areas, etc). All Bait Stations have space to accommodate rat or mice snap-traps if required.

- 2x Bullet Rat Bait Stations each with 4x Bait Blocks
- 2x Mice Bait Stations each with 1x Bait Block
- 1x Multifunctional key

Features & Benefits - Station:

  • Secure tamper resistant lock system
  • Unique lock in holder¬†fits Monster, Gorilla or¬†alternative snap trap
  • Compartment for grain bait¬†
  • Internal rod for securing bait block¬†or NARA Lures.¬†
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Spare rods and dividers available for purchase on request.
  • Wall fixable - secure in place
  • Snap traps can be purchased as optional extra.
  • Also available as a ready to use station


  • Bullet Rat Station 262mm (L) x 166mm (W) x 101mm (D)
  • Mice Stations: 130mm (L) x 80mm (W) 40mm (D)

BRIGAND Rodent Control Bait Blocks 20g 

A ready-to-use Rodent bait in the form of a weather resistant wax block. The bait blocks include pre-made hole through the centre - which makes loading and securing the blocks in the station easy and effective - noted you do no want the rodents to remove the baits from the station and store them - locking them in forces the rodent to consume them.

The active ingredient 'Brodificoum' is ideal for domestic and commercial applications. As used by professional pest controllers, industry, commercial premises, farmers and fruit & vegetable growing enterprises.

Active ingredient: Brodifacoum @ 0.05g/kg (50ppm)

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