Mouse Bait Station Kit

Mouse Bait Station Kit
Mouse Bait Station Kit
Mouse Bait Station Kit
Mouse Bait Station Kit
Mouse Bait Station Kit

Mouse Bait Station Kit

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Where to place:

If there are mice in the kitchen, place one behind the fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and any other place where you have seen sightings or droppings.Ā Simply add baits and set-down theĀ bait stations in areas where mice are frequenting - orĀ on the edge of passageways and interior or exterior of houses, garagesĀ or fence-lines. Mice will generally run close to the wall - so set the bait stations close to fittings and buildings.

Features & Benefits:
- Recommended for Brigandā„¢ Bait Blocks - as supplied.
- Only one feed is a lethal dose to rats and mice.
- Used by pest control industries worldwide.
- Easy to maintain and clean.
- Supports all D2KĀ Snap Traps
- Indoor and outdoor use.
- UV light resistant.

Brigandā„¢ Bait Blocks:

A ready-to-use Rodent bait in the form of a weather resistant wax block. TheĀ bait blocks include pre-madeĀ hole through the centre - which makes loading and securing the blocks in the station easy and effective - noted you do no want the rodents to remove the baits from the station and store them - locking them in forces the rodent toĀ consumeĀ them.

TheĀ active ingredient 'Brodificoum' is ideal for domestic and commercial applications.Ā As used by professional pest controllers, industry, commercial premises, farmers and fruit & vegetable growing enterprises.

Active ingredient:Ā Brodifacoum @ 0.05g/kg (50ppm)

Each combo includes:

- 10 Mice Bait Stations
- 2kg Brigandā„¢ Bait Blocks (100pc)
- 2 Station keys

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