Fly Control String Starter Set 500m

SKU: D2K 3212-1577-1
Silvalure Fly String Trap
Fly Control String Starter Set 500m
Silvalure Fly String Trap 500m
Silvalure Fly String Trap Refill 500m

Fly Control String Starter Set 500m

SKU: D2K 3212-1577-1
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Fly Control String Starter Set - 500m

Effective and environmentally friendly fly string complete with an installation kit. The trap works all year round, 24 hours a day in the stable, milking room, barn, etc. Place the roll at ceiling hight. When the string is full, replace it with the refill.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly fly traps for stables and milking rooms It is important to maintain a healthy environment and hygiene in the stable – both for cows and for yourself as a worker there. Flies and insects cause irritation and discomfort. Apart from that, flies are also notorious spreaders of disease. Longer wound-healing times and complications for injuries also result from such pests.

That’s why Silvandersson has created a fly control assortment especially designed for you, the worker, who milks cows and in animal stalls in general. The product line is called Agri Line and makes your cows feel better and produce more. Agri Line – better environment in your cow stall Fly Control Agri Line consists of eight products. All eight are based upon a unique adhesive system and four of them have a special, patented 3D model.

The product design is adapted such that it effectively attracts and captures flies and other insects, thus providing both you and your milking cows with a better stable environment. Silvalure ® System – the best adhesive system Silvalure ® System is the market’s most effective, functional and proven adhesive system. The paper and adhesive have been adapted to the insect type, temperature, durability, UV light, dampness, storage, etc. This is to ensure you a perfect product and a fly-free environment.

Fly Control – 24 hours a day The Fly Control assortment consists of fly traps with long-working, non-toxic adhesives. The patented 3D model with fluorescent colours effectively attracts the flies. The products provide you with a solution for every need in your cow stalls or milking room. Quick changes in the weather and the greenhouse effect/global warming that is becoming more and more common are increasing the need for non-toxic pest control.

Fly Control works 24 hours a day while other methods tend to have a shorter and decaying effect.

Contents: 500m Starter Set

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