Gorilla Rat Trap Transparent

Gorilla Rat Snap Trap Transparent
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Gorilla Rat Snap Trap with Vanilla Lure
Gorilla Snap Trap Transparent
Gorilla Snap Trap Transparent
Gorilla Rat Snap Trap Transparent
Gorilla Rat Snap Trap 200pc Transparent

Gorilla Rat Trap Transparent

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Gorilla Rat Snap Trap Transparent (A Gorilla under the Traps)

Our transparent Gorilla Rat Trap enters the race with a novel concept, in which we use the visual abilities of rats to fight them.

Due to its transparent, almost translucent surface, the trap is not perceived by rats as a major obstacle and is therefore quickly overlooked. Rats cannot see spatially in focus and are almost colour-blind. Due to the smooth, almost structure-free - and now also colourless - surface of the trap, the catching rate is increased even more.

Every rat trap from us is manufactured so that the rat is killed quickly, effectively and without the use of rat poison. The bail is struck with lightning speed and enormous force to spare the rat suffering as much as possible.

Like the standard version, the transparent trap is made of robust plastic and high-quality steel and is fitted with precise springs.

The trap is made of robust plastic, high-quality steel, and precise springs. On the bottom side you can adjust the trap individually on 3 levels.

Due to its size, the trap fits perfectly into our stations and is protected against access by pets and children.

The bait trap is specially made for the use of NARA®.

Even higher catch rate due to the transparent colouring.

Made of robust, transparent plastic, high-quality steel and precise springs.

The Gorilla Traps rat trap is adjustable to prevent small animals from being caught with the trap.

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