Bullet Rat Station Only

Bullet Rat Station
Bullet Rat Station for Bait or Rat Snap Traps
Bullet Rat Station Entry View
Bullet Rat Station
Bullet Rat Station
Bullet Rat STation Setup
Bullet with Gorilla Snap Trap
Bullet Rat Station with Monster Snap Trap

Bullet Rat Station Only

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Bullet Rat Station, the ultimate compact rat trap and bait station.  Its compact size doesn't mean compromises on strength, making it ideal for discreet outdoor locations as well as internal use. For use with rat traps or with bait block.

Features & Benefits:

  • Secure tamper resistant lock system
  • Unique lock-in holder for Monster, Gorilla and other snap traps
  • Compartment for grain bait, rod for block and pasta bait and NARA Lures 
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Wall fixable
  • Dimensions: (h)101mm (w)262mm (d)166mm

Station Includes:
1 Bullet Rat Station
1 Bait Rod
1 Station Key per 10 stations

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