Household Rodent Control Package

Bullet Rat Station Package
Household Rodent Control Package
Brigand Rat Bait, Rodents
Household Rodent Control Package
Household Rodent Control Package
Household Rodent Control Package
Bullet Rat Station Package
Bullet Rat Station, Brigand Bait Blocks

Household Rodent Control Package

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Household Rodent Control Package

Bullet Rat Station, the ultimate compact rat trap & bait station.  Its compact size doesn't mean compromises on strength, making it ideal for discreet outdoor locations as well as internal use.

How to use: 

- Open the rat station using the multifunctional key. Using gloves, slide the Brigand bait blocks onto the rod provided and secure the rod in the centre of the station between the two walls. You will notice that the rod can rest on two fitting either side of the walls.  
- For mice: use a single bait block in stations 5m apart, or 2m apart for high infestations
- For rats: use 1 to 3 blocks in stations 10m apart reducing to 5m apart for high infestations
- Record location and number of bait stations to assist in checking and later removal
- Inspect baits regularly
- Replace baits every 7 days until no more is taken. If baits are ingested more quickly then replace more frequently

Where to use:

- Ideal for domestic and commercial applications.
- Used by professional pest controllers, industry, commercial premises, farmers and fruit & vegetable growing enterprises.

    This package includes:

    - Your choice of 2, 4 or 8 D2K Bullet Rat Stations
    - 2KG’s of Brigand Bait Blocks (100 blocks)
    - 1 Multifunctional Station Key

      Brigand™ Bait Blocks – General information:

      ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Brodifacoum @ 0.05g/kg (50ppm)

      By law this product must only be used in a bait station and as specified on the label.

       BRIGAND SDS            

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