Electronic Rodent Zapper

Electronic Rodent Zapper
Rat Zapper Trap
Electronic Rodent Zapper

Electronic Rodent Zapper

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Electronic Rodent Zapper - High Voltage 7000V, Battery or 220/240V

Possibly one of the "Best Rat Trap" to get rid around your home of rodents with a non-toxic rat zapper that humanely kills rats and mice with sharp, strong shocks of 7000V electricity.

The electronic rat zapper kills rats and mice quickly and humanely. No blood and no mess. Best to use the D2K Non-toxic lures or bait, ideal for households with pets and people that do not like to see smashed dead bodies.

- The Zapper delivers five 7000V high voltage shocks.
- The units flash a green light when rodent has been exterminated.
- It comes with and extension LED light indicator.
- Even and alarm sounds when a catch enters.
- The base is waterproof for thorough cleaning.
- The D2K Rat Zapper is the reusable, a non-toxic solution to ridding your home of vermin.
- Simply plug it in or use 4x "D" size batteries and the alarm will sound when it’s time to empty the trap.
- Set and forget, plug and play.

Plug in the device, bait it and place it along the rodent’s path. When the trap is triggered, five high voltage shocks will eliminate the pest and the alarm will sound while the light flashes green. The extension LED light indicator can be placed in your line of vision for traps set out of sight. Perfect for manholes and hidden areas'

No mess cleaning as you can rinse the base if needed.

Delivering a powerful shock that instantly eliminates pests, you’ll be able to empty the remains into the bin without touching the rodent with little mess left behind.

The waterproof bottom may be washed before setting the trap again.

A long-lasting protection.

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